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10508 - Structured Blogging Launches :: Corante Web Hub   14/12/2005 - 22:38:40
More on "structured blogging":

Structured Blogging Launches

Posted by Ken Yarmosh

Pete Cashmore on the details of Structured Blogging:

"Structured Blogging - a way to add structure to your blog posts - has officially launched. Using the Structured Blogging plugins, you can blog an event, a list, a review or a media file and have other applications detect the content of the post. Those services can then remix and filter the content in interesting ways."

Over on GetReal, Stowe Boyd is skeptical about the launch:

"But I don't buy it, as I said in this recent post (see Microformats v Structured Blogging: A Small War With Big Consequences ). My bet is that Structured Blogging will fail, not because people wouldn't like some of the consequences -- such as an easy way to compare blog posts about concrete things like record reviews, and so on -- but because of the inherent, and wonderful messiness of the world of blogging."

Alex Barnett on the other hand agrees with Richard MacManus - "I agree with Richard that 2006 is going to be a big year for Structured Blogging."

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